Social Impact

We work to empower communities with affordable and attainable solar solutions..

Malalison Solar Hybrid Mini – Grid Project

Pilot public-private partnership between ANTECO, LGU – Culasi, OREEi, and ADB.

The project is a 52 kWp solar PV system with a 273 kWh battery and 55 kWp back-up generator to produce 24×7 reliable power that benefits 160 households.

Innovations featured are Prepaid Metering  and Remote Loading

Before the project

4 hours power; postpaid billing; livelihood mainly fishing and day time island day tour

After the project

24/7 power; 100% inclusion to grid; investment in freezers to preserve catch and expanded homestay for overnight booking

Why Prepaid Meters?

Consumer: 100% household inclusion & ability to budget electricity spend

Operator: Efficiencies in meter reading, billing collection, disconnection & reconnection

Investor: assured return on investment

How do prepaid meters work?

When you buy electricity load this allows the electricity to pass through the smart meter. This can be remotely and manually loaded.  When there is no more load, the meter automatically cuts off the low of electricity

Impact Installations

Solar Water Pump
Irrigation For Food Production
Capacity: 9 cu.m/day with 800 Wp PV Solar Panel
Location: Iguig, Cagayan

Client: Local Government unitWe have installed solar water pumps for the Bureau of Soil and Water Management, Department of Agriculture and local government units. Iguig is one of the many communities that have solar powered pumps. This system will water an estimate of 6 hectares of high value crops.
Mobile Solar Water Pump
Capacity: 9 cu.m/ day with 800 Wp PV Solar Panel
Location: San Miguel, Bulacan

Client: a farmer’s cooperativeWe have created a mobile solar water pump. For this cooperative, they have four sources for water. We solved this problem by designing a mobile solar water pump. With this device, they can just move the pump to the available water sources.