Solar Pump Irrigation Systems

We offer a complete set and service for your solar water pump needs.

1.22kWp Solar Powered Water Pumping System
Solar Water Pump
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Our set includes the following parts (excluding some development):


Qty Unit Description
1 pc Solar Panel
1 pc Sumersible Pump Groundfos SQFlex 2.5-2
1 pc Control unit and level controller (Groundfos CU200)
1 pc 2000-Liter Water Tank
1 lot Solar Panel Mounting Structure
1 lot Water Tank Mounting Structure
1 lot Concrete foundation (for mounting structures)
1 lot Cables & Accessories

Technical Services

• Delivery to the site
• Installation
• Warranty maintenance

We can customize the set based on the best solution that will fit your location
and requirements.

Our prices start at 600,000.00 Php (for the set above)

*Price are subejct to change without prior notice
** Prices as of September 2015