Solar Powered Hydroponics

Agriculture is subject to many risks like weather, quality of soil and seed, and availability of water and skilled labor.  The impact of climate change has reduced farm yields but modern agritech is a game changer. 

Hydroponic is growing fresh vegetables and fruits in nutrient-rich water instead of soil.  It eliminates many of the risks associated with farming like weather because crops are grown in a greenhouse protected from inclement weather and within controlled temperature and humidity.

Yield per square meter is higher because plants are grown in 4-6 layer racks thus taking up less space.  At the same time crops grown in water do not need extensive root systems thus use their energy to grow leaves and fruit. 

In the Philippines, 80% of water is used in agriculture.  Hydroponics is more sustainable because it uses up to 95% less water that is re-circulated with minimal loss due to evaporation. 

It has a smaller carbon footprint because crops can now be locally grown reducing the environmental impact incurred through shipping and delivery.