Passi City, Iloilo announces solar-powered food production program

One Renewable and the City of Passi proudly announce a partnership to develop a solar-powered demonstration farm using hydroponics technology.  The program is an expansion of the City’s “Hardin saPinamalay” program initiated by the previous Mayor Jesry Palmares that encourages families to plant vegetables in their backyard to promote self-reliance in food production. 

The partnership is guided by the City’s aspiration to preserve its agricultural heritage and at the  same time, embrace better, environment friendly and sustainable practices and technology.  It aims to promote community involvement and foster the entrepreneurial spirit among constituents.

In an interview, Mayor Stephen Palmares explained that the key focus for the city is food security and appealed to the people to actively participate in the program to lessen the impact of the pandemic as the government is unable to provide for all their needs.