Project Scores a Win for a Sustainable Future!

One Renewable President and CEO, Erel Narida explains to United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken, the PURE-SEED Project (Productive Uses of Renewable Energy for Sustainable and Equitable Enterprise Development) during his visit to a clean energy fair in Makati to meet with Philippine businesses to discuss the importance of private sector involvement to enable the Philippines’ transition to a clean energy future.

The project was financed through a grant from USAID Energy Secure Philippines (ESP) Activity Energy Evolution Challenge within the category of “Innovative Energy Systems in Fish and Agro-Processing Industries.” 

It aims to catalyze and facilitate the development of long-term sustainable energy solutions to support the propagation of productive uses of renewable energy (PURE) in remote, off-grid, and small island communities in the Philippines. It will benefit about 4,000 people, in 2 remote, off-grid, small island communities. The innovations, outcomes and learnings delivered by the project will ensure a wider applicability, replicability, and scalability in many other islands.